While the sites can be visited independently, the services of a professional, English-speaking guide can help to make the most of your stay in Syracuse. Knowing exactly where to go, which sites are temporarily closed and providing interesting background, in a city where tourist information is not readily available, a guide can greatly add to your enjoyment. They can be hired for small groups by the day or half day. If only two of you are involved, then use can be made of the guide’s car for visits out of the city centre.

Examples of tours include:

  • Walk around Ortygia, the Duomo, the Baroque buildings, the Jewish baths, the Arethusa Fountain, the Temple of Apollo and the open market
  • Visit to the Archaeological Park – Greek Theatre, Roman Amphitheatre, Ear of Dionysius
  • The Euryalus Castle, the ancient Greek fortress above the city
  • The Roman Gymnasium, a temple/theatre complex on the way out of the city
  • The remains of the Olympeon, the Temple of Zeus, on the far side of the Great Harbour

Visits can also be arranged to nearby locations in the Province of Syracuse, such as Palazzolo Acreide, an attractive town inland with an ancient Greek theatre.

Arrangements should be made directly with one of the guides listed below. Please contact them well in advance to discuss requirements, as last minute requests may find no time available.

Tour guides

Eva Greco: evatour@libero.it

Carmine Corso: carminecorso@hotmail.com