Jeremy Dummett’s books, Palermo, City of Kings and Syracuse, City of Legends, are published by I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd, London.

I.B. Tauris:

I.B. Tauris is an independent publishing house that has pioneered a distinctive approach to the publication of both general non-fiction and new scholarly writing in the humanities and social sciences. We aim to publish books that appeal to academics, area specialists, students and researchers as well as to a broad cross-section of general readers.

Founded in London in 1983, we now publish more than 300 new books internationally every year and keep approximately 3,000 books available in either hardcover, paperback or digital editions – or in a combination of these formats. The majority of our publishing output is available in digital form through libraries and collections worldwide. A large and fast-growing proportion of our list is also available as consumer digital editions, including Kindle editions from Amazon.

I.B. Tauris has long been recognised as one of the leading publishers on the Middle East and the Islamic World and has a major presence in Classics and Ancient History, History, Geography and Social Sciences, Politics and International Relations, Philosophy, Religion, Film and Visual Culture, and Fine Art. We also publish the popular Tauris Parke Paperbacks specialising in history, travel and biography.

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